Check out this secretive, yet legal, cannabis shop in Ontario

The first licensed cannabis store in Waterloo is open for business.

Located on King Street South, Bud & Sally Cannabis Co. recently welcomed local residents to check out the cannabis-infused products on offer, CTV News reports.

As the only pot shop in town, the launch drew limited patrons. It’s not as if there’s a significant amount of local competition in the region, although Kitchener’s Meta Cannabis and Cambridge’s Tokyo Smoke are but a quick drive away.

One Waterloo resident said lack of publicity may have been the cause.

“I’m surprised, this seems like a ‘not very many people know,’” Cory Foxton told Kitchener Today. “If my friend didn’t post something about this on Instagram, I probably wouldn’t have known.”

Others speculated social isolation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic may have been the reason. Co-owners John and Michelle Radostits say they are taking every precaution to minimize the risk for dispensary clients.

“We have a number of sanitizing stations throughout the store and we’ve got regular hand wash cycles going on in our team.” Radostits told Kitchener Today. The shop has also temporarily removed its so-called “sniffer jars,” which contain small samples of the store’s offerings that clients can examine and smell.

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