This guy doesn’t just roll joints. He makes ‘smokable art.’ And his work can cost $10k a pop

Cannabis serves as muse for artist serving A-lister collectors and smokers

Tony Greenhand is an artist whose muse is weed. His artfully rolled joints — collected by the likes of Rihanna, 2 Chainz and Tommy Chong, to name just a few of his fans — are a mind-boggling marriage of intricacy and inspiration.

It is best to be all-in if you’re thinking of purchasing one of Greenhand’s smokable creations, however. A single piece can carry a price tag of as much as US$10,000 a pop, according to a recent interview in Architectural Digest.

Greenhand told the magazine he rolled plenty of joints while working in the weed industry, but wanted to expand his rolling chops beyond things like cross joints

“I just started experimenting with different things and, over time, more people would want them. One of my friends asked me to post something I made on Reddit. It blew up,” Greenhand said.

That transformed a hobby into a job.

But when it comes to his smokable creations, Greenhand says that the fine balance of form and function is critically important. “Each joint is engineered to work as a joint, which means that while I’m creating it, I have to acknowledge different pathways in the design to make sure the smoke reaches the end and doesn’t run or get clogged,”

A whole lot of finesse and imagination help transform weed, sticks, natural rolling material such as any smokable leaf or homogenized paper and, maybe most important, a specialty cigar glue that helps bond papers together, into art.

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