Cannabis-infused beer launched at Petworth brewery

Petworth brewers have combined hops with hemp to create brand-new cannabis-infused beers.

Langham Brewery welcomed its new sister company, Sativa Brewing Company, as it launches a pair of vegan friendly beers, infused with cannabidiol (CBD).

A brewery spokesman said CBD is ‘gaining momentum’ in the health and wellness world, with some scientific studies confirming it may ease symptoms of ailments like chronic pain and anxiety.

The spokesman said: “A very warm welcome to our sister company – Sativa Brewing Company, and Rob Wattie from Fairview Wines – and to our new duo of CBD vegan friendly natural hemp beers.

“Following a year of creative test brews the new beers are born; the team here at Langham wanted to take their time, using their expertise to produce these unique, flavoursome recipes and get them ‘just right’.

The new beers combine everyone’s favourite hobby (enjoying a beer), with the benefits of CBD. The brewing of hemp and hops which is part of the same family, cannabaceae, is an age-old art with roots which go as far back as the middle ages.

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