Many Reasons This Could Be the Best 4/20 Ever

Let’s get high and look on the bright side

Over the last month, our lives have morphed into a Black Mirror fever dream complete with Zoom meetings, bandana face masks, and toilet paper shortages. If all of that hasn’t been surreal enough, for the first time in post-1970s Bay Area history, there will be no public celebrations honoring 4/20, arguably our region’s favorite holiday.

In a recent news conference, San Francisco Mayor London Breed issued a stern warning: “We will not tolerate anyone coming to San Francisco for 4/20 this year.”

Nothing like a global pandemic to ruin your plans to get high and enjoy the beauty of the Bay.

As much as that sucks, do you know why it’s not the end of the world? For one thing, it’s extremely necessary, but don’t fret at least we have weed!

  1.  It’s never been easier to buy cannabis in the comfort of your own home.
  2. . Local restaurants need our business, so if the budget allows, leave the cooking to the professionals and order in.
  3.  That means your snack-making game has never been better, so buck up and get to work on those scones.
  4.  Check out a DJ set and smoke sesh with Wiz Khalifa. Learn how to “Get Good at Weed” during a workshop hosted by Chelsea Handler. Enjoy a live performance from Melissa Etheridge, then donate to charity, during the online HighStream 420 Festival. If you wanted, you could spend all day checking out all kinds of virtual seshes
  5. Since right now isn’t the best time to puff, and social distancing makes it impossible to pass, weed edibles and drinkables are the new go-to. Infused candies, cookies, brownies, honey, teas, sparkling drinks, and tinctures finally get their time to shine.
  6.  And Kelis is the host, because what else brings all the boys and girls to the yard better than cannabis-infused recipes?
  7. . From newly released movies you can watch at home to free content from channels like HBO and AMC, 4/20 viewing marathons are going to be extra lit this year. The entire run of The Golden Girls ain’t gonna stream itself.
  8.  There’s no such thing as mid-grade herb when you’re the only one smoking it. It’s all top-shelf, baby.
  9.  The couch, too. I’m no doctor, but I’m pretty sure comfy furniture can’t give you Covid-19, so crawl up in there, and don’t forget the pillows.
  10. There’s a moratorium on evictions. So wash your hands,pop a gummy, and pull up The Chronic on Spotify because it is time to chill the F out, quarantine style.

Order food. Watch Netflix. Stay home and stay safe! Read the full article at TheBoldItalic

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