Regina area pot shops prepare for legalization

As the legalization of recreational marijuana quickly approaches, retail stores are busy getting ready.

980 CJME spoke to two retail stores set to open up in the Regina area. One will be ready in time for pot sales on Oct. 17 while the other may open a little later.

The legalization of marijuana is a historic moment for Canada, one that could even be called biblical for one pot retail store opening soon.

When you walk through the gates of Eden on Oct. 17, you’ll find recreational marijuana is no longer forbidden.

“You’ll have knowledgeable people and you’ll have an environment that you’re going to be able to feel very comfortable and safe in,” said Eden owner Allen Kilback.

Eden, located in the RM of Edenwold along Highway 46 between Regina and Pilot Butte, is on target to open on legalization day with sales at the retail store and online. It’s run by the same owners as the Happy Hour liquor store in Pilot Butte and will have about 10 staff members to start.

“It’s been a tremendous amount of work,” Kilback said.

Since receiving their cannabis retail permit in the lottery, Eden has been busy renovating and training staff. As required, they’ve built a safe to put all the product in. Retail stores are not allowed to display the product that customers buy, instead they will offer sniffing samples. Eden is still finishing up with the final touches on its security system and signage.

While retail stores are not allowed to speak about the medical aspects of marijuana, Kilback said he does look forward to changing the stigma surrounding the drug.

“It’s a new industry and there’s a lot of unknown and misinformation out there,” Kilback said.

Another cannabis retail store in Regina is doing everything it can while still waiting for the building permit from the city.

Wiid Boutique on Albert Street in the south end is run by Landyn Uhersky and his family. They still need a safe and can’t build one without the permit. He said there’s a chance of opening by Oct. 17 if the permit comes in soon, but he thinks it could be shortly after legalization.

Uhersky made the decision to enter the cannabis business while looking through tenders while at his other job, managing at Luminesque Lighting.

“I thought, ‘Hey, this could be fun’ and I got the family on board. It didn’t take much to convince them,” Uhersky said.

Wiid Boutique plans to have about 15 staff members to start, including a security guard. Uhersky also wants to hire a driver to provide a delivery service but is still reviewing the rules surrounding the amount of marijuana a delivery driver can carry.