Are Seth Rogen’s Houseplant cannabis strains worth the price?

 Canada’s fave celebrity just launched 3 strains

When Seth Rogen and his longtime filmmaking (and smoking) buddy Evan Goldberg announced they were launching three strains of cannabis with Canopy Growth, fans of movies like Pineapple Express and Superbad were overjoyed.

“Houseplant is a passion we’ve brought to life through drive and dedication,” said Seth Rogen, co-founder of Houseplant, in a press release announcing the new brand. “Every decision we’ve made for the business reflects the years of education, first-hand experience and respect we have for cannabis.”

So far, Houseplant is only available in Newfoundland & Labrador, British Columbia and Ontario, and there are plans to release infused drinks, gelcaps and prerolls under its name. But so far there are three flower types simply called Sativa, Hybrid and Indica available, at $13.61/g each — a lot higher than the average of $10.23/g tracked by Stats Canada.

Houseplant Sativa: The look and feel

First up, Sativa, which leaves a visually underwhelming first impression. A closer look doesn’t save it. The buds are scant in structure but yet look fairly good in development and trichome coverage. But coupled with the rough trim, the flowers don’t have the appearance of something that’s well taken care of.

The feel is about as bad as it can be. The buds are brittle, so fragile they’re unable to withstand any amount of force whatsoever. They grind to a dusty particulate which could easily blow away in a gentle breeze. Those using a vaporizer may not mind, but I imagine those hoping to smoke this may have difficulty.

Fragrance and flavour

Houseplant Sativa’s dominant terpenes are alpha-pinene; beta-caryophyllene; beta-pinene; humulene and myrcene. They produce a slight soapy-citrus aroma, with herbal notes burbling under the surface. Although the scent is subdued, it leaves a bit of buzz in the sinus.

As for its flavour, it’s a blend of musky pine and earthiness that borders on sulphurous, trading the clean citrus aspect for a hollow, dusty tone. It’s a weak flavour, but it is long-lasting.

Worth it?

This nearly $50 eighth (3.5 g) is at the top tier of the market. But besides the decent macro visuals, it’s hard to argue that it’s priced well.

With an underwhelming appearance, aroma and flavour, Houseplant Sativa also lacks the tertiary consumer elements Tweed usually provides on their other offerings, like the true strain name and breeder. But it has been listed as a Chemdawg in a few different provincial stores, which you can buy from Tweed at a slightly lower price under another name, Donegal. There’s a good chance the two could differ where the buds are harvested from the plants if they are the same, or phenotypically or genealogically.

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