Boardwalk bans growing & smoking of cannabis in Saskatchewan suites

One of the largest apartment management groups in Saskatchewan has moved to ban growing and smoking marijuana in their suites.

Boardwalk recently informed tenants of this new policy, ahead of the federal legalization date on October 17th.

This, said Director of Community Development, David McIlveen, is partly a matter of safety.

“The next one would be the reasonable enjoyment of their homes for our residents,” he said. “The third one, of course, is that we’re going have to, as we always do, adhere to the laws of the land.”

A slightly different approach is being taken to medical marijuana, however. McIlveen said Boardwalk will review exemption requests from existing tenants who require it on a case by case basis.

As to why Boardwalk is addressing cannabis and not tobacco? There’s reasoning behind that.

“They’re not the same substance,” said McIlveen. “Secondly, our buildings have traditionally allowed smoking tobacco.”

Boardwalk has over 4000 suites between Saskatoon and Regina.