Yoga and cannabis can work together to ease the state of mind.

Most don’t associate marijuana with physical activity, but yoga is actually a fantastic match.

Think about it. When it actually comes down to it, aren’t yogi’s and cannabis users looking for roughly the same results? Relaxation, pain-free living, and some sort of deeper awareness of life. And all of these experiences can be heightened when combining the two.


Balance is key! If you want to be comfortable and in a controlled environment, cannabis could be beneficial. The struggle for yoga and cannabis classes is the crowds and sometimes finding the space that works for you. In fact, some yogi claim they have specific spots in a room, and this can change the whole experience. But smoke a joint, and head into class, that may seem less important because that space and energy are already within you. On the other hand, some find the actual balance to be difficult when smoking during classes. Smoking beforehand may allow this to high to settle and your find in spirit, soul and body balance.


Your breath may be the most important part of living. And when exercising yoga, proper breathing is key to helping the muscles and circulatory system. When using cannabis during yoga, it can be counterproductive to over smoke from a bong or joint. Some yogis suggest using edibles instead to keep the lungs open, but for most, it’s about staying hydrated. This will help to keep the mouth and throat wet, leaving the airways open.


Focus can be hard to find for some when smoking. But overall, people use marijuana for focus and to be clear-headed. This helps to keep up with the instructor, while also being heightened to your bodies senses. Some patients have claimed that vaping keeps them the most focused. Others say the best are sativas to keep up the energy. Either way, it comes down to what works best for you within a class experience.

Cannabis-infused yoga is great for focus and creating heightened awareness. The benefits of yoga are never-ending, but the same goes for cannabis. When used together, this pair can help the body, mind, and soul to essentially sync!

  1. Anxiety – When weed and yoga are used together it helps the prefrontal cortex of the brain to focus, slowing down any anxious feelings one may experience.
  2. Depression – When the brain can focus, there is more room for sensual engagement and sensory experience to increase. Lowering patients feelings of depression.
  3. Pain – Cannabis and Yoga both work in combat to chronic pain, strengthening the muscles and reduce joint inflammation.
  4. Reduce Stress – Particular moves combined with cannabis with aid in stress reduction, allowing space for enjoyment in activities and one’s self.
  5. Lower Blood Pressure – helps aid in cardiovascular health
  6. Metabolism – An increase in activity and an increase in cannabis use to allow the metabolism in the body to work faster.
  7. Supports Immune System – Working hand in hand with the endocannabinoid system allowing the CB1 and CB2 receptors to work to support the immune system.
  8. Deeper Relaxation – cannabis, and yoga both work with the parasympathetic nervous system. So combining the two brings a deeper relaxation and connection to your inner self.
  9. Awareness – Yoga promises bliss and spiritual awareness. Cannabis is the perfect ingredient to add value. Cannabis helps our bodies to respond to these open ideas and will allow for more energetic connections.

Higher Conclusion

While Yoga and cannabis fusion is on the rise, you can expect to see the popularity grow. Sessions such as these are being offered in Colorado, Massachusetts,  San Francisco and Washington, D.C., where recreational marijuana is legal for adults. In addition, you can head to the west coast of Canada or visit Toronto for some “Ganja Yoga”! Always make sure to know your body, know your quantities and always listen to your self!.