Canadian Weed Grow Facility Struck by Fire Right Before First Shipment

A shipment was still made, and more importantly, no one was hurt by the fire.

An electrical fire at a Canadian cannabis cultivation facility struck just as the company was preparing to make its first shipment, according to a spokeswoman for Sundial Growers. Claire Buffone-Blair said that smoke could be seen pouring out of a building at the grow operation in Olds, Alberta. No injuries were reported in the incident, which occurred on December 10 at the cultivation center near Calgary.

“Nobody was hurt and everybody was safely evacuated,” Buffone-Blair said.

Although she was unable to give an exact count of the number of plants impacted by the blaze, Buffone-Blair said that all of the plants in four rooms of the cultivation facility had to be destroyed by workers.

“We have a no-compromise approach to quality, so we had to destroy plants in the affected rooms,” she said. “It’s a reportable incident that we’re learning from.”

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