How to Recycle Cannabis Stalks, Leaves, & Stems

If you are involved in the growing of cannabis, after your plants are at the required level of size, they will be ready to be harvested. At this point, you will no doubt have a number of materials to dispose of, namely: any number of stalks, leaves, and stems. However, many materials left after growing cannabis can be used as part of your growth cycle. Just one example is a type of nutrient-dense compost. Alternatively, the materials can be used for a variety of other functions. Below, we outline how each element can be successfully recycled to decrease wastage and secure your investment.

Recycling Cannabis Stalks

The stalks of cannabis plants are highly fibrous and can be used for a variety of purposes. However, the most common use for stalks is to create hemp. An additional use is to create mulch, which is applied to the top layer of soil to improve the overall health, fertility, and level of soil moisture. This can be achieved by grinding down the stalks prior to use in your garden. A common method to break down the stalks is to use a small wood chipper. However, you will no doubt discover similar methods to achieve a similar effect.

Recycling Cannabis Leaves

Although the leaves of a cannabis plant are nutrient-rich and ideal for planting, they can also be used for other purposes, such as tea or butter. Sugar leaves work well for butter or bubble hash, while the larger fan leaves can be used in customized smoothies, cocktails, or tea. But if you wish to use the nutrient-rich leaves to continue your plant growth, they make an excellent compost that you can put to good use in your garden. Alternatively, you can reinvest the leaves back into your efforts to grow additional cannabis.

Recycling Cannabis Stems

Similarly to stalks, cannabis stems are highly versatile and do not need to be wasted. While smoking stems is not recommended (largely due to how harsh this can be be on the throat, lungs, and mouth), stems can be put to good use in tea, or be used to create your own topical ointments. For tea, simply chop up a bunch of stems, then pour boiling water. You can add additional flavoring if required, such as sugar or fruit. Large amounts of stems can also be transformed in cannabutter. Alternatively, you can use stems to create hash oil, which is a concentrated form of cannabis.

Other parts of the plant

Although in this blog post we have focused on the ways to recycle cannabis stalks, leaves and stems, the buds, roots, and leftover soil from your growing project can also be put to good use. The roots, just like stems, can be brewed into tea, while you can add the buds of the plant into a bong or pipe. Similarly, any left over soil that you acquire is likely to be nutrient-dense. Therefore, you can reuse this as compost as opposed to reinvesting in brand new packs of soil.

By re-using all the parts of the cannabis plant, you can reduce costs that can be reinvested in your other marijuana-related projects. Likewise, by reusing the plant, you keep the vital nutrients within your growth cycle, which enables you to have a more fruitful harvest. All in all, this ensures better value for money and less wastage. As a result, next time your cannabis crop is ready for harvest, be sure to consider the many ways you can recycle the plant for maximum effect.