Is Resin A Good Replacement If Marijuana Supplies Go Dry?

The thing to keep in mind is that resin is just tar, ash and burnt carbon that just so happens to have some THC trapped inside.

For those who were stoned over the weekend and may have missed the big, albeit not surprising, news: President Trump has decided to extend the social distancing guidelines until the end of April. It means we can expect another month of shutdowns, lockdowns and other semi-apocalyptic gobbledygook intended to prevent the spread of the nasty disease known as the coronavirus.

More than that, it means that people in legal marijuana states will be scrambling around, even more than they already are, to make sure they have plenty of weed on hand before they get really serious about battening down the hatches. So far, legal states have deemed cannabis dispensaries “essential businesses” and have allowed them to stay open.

But times could get hard in some parts of the United States, specifically in areas of prohibition or in places that may opt to include dispensaries in the next wave of closures. As social distancing rules become more heavily enforced in an attempt to keep more people inside, we could see a day when some of the less fortunate cannabis users are forced to — dare we say it — start smoking resin to get them high.

Resin was once the last resort when the person who ventured out to score a bag of weed came home empty-handed. It’s that black, sticky and, let’s face it, gross, tar-like substance that builds up in our pipes and bongs over time. Most cannabis users make it a point to clean this stuff out of their smoking devices on occasion to ensure the collected residue isn’t clogging up the air flow or making their weed taste bad.

But some marijuana users, admittedly the more desperate of the breed, have been known to scrape out the resin from their paraphernalia and either smoke it right then and there or save it back for a rainy day.

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