5 Busted Myths of Today’s California Cannabis Consumer

A first-of-its-kind survey carried out by NorCal Cannabis Company delved into the world’s largest cannabis market

NorCal Cannabis Company undertook a first-of-its-kind study of California’s cannabis consumers. Using an online panel, the survey questioned 1529 people and represents of all California cannabis consumers 21 years and older.

Jeffrey Graham is the VP of Business Intelligence at NorCal Cannabis Company. He helps the company make smarter business decisions using data. According to Graham, they decided to carry out this research because “there were many fundamental questions about the California cannabis consumer that were unanswered, so we decided to conduct research on our own.”

According to Graham, the most surprising thing he discovered during the research process was that many of the preconceptions about cannabis aren’t true. So they decided to group their findings into five myths:

Myth 1: Recreational users get high for fun, while medical users are focused on their health.

The reality is, most cannabis consumers use cannabis for both recreational and medical reasons.

Myth 2: Women are an emerging market segment of new cannabis consumers.

In fact, women already use cannabis as much as men.

Myth 3: A handful of brands are dominating the California cannabis market.

The truth is that no brand has achieved a significant foothold in the market.

Myth 4: All Californians have access to legal cannabis.

Unfortunately, in reality, they don’t.

Myth 5: Consumers are migrating from dispensaries to delivery.

In reality, consumers want an omnichannel experience to maximize their experiences.

Graham believes that the study is important because it shows that cannabis helps with “a variety of fundamental and important ways” and it isn’t a simple case of ‘recreational’ and ‘medicinal’

“I would like people to understand that many of the assumptions they have about cannabis consumers, cannabis usage, and cannabis availability may be wrong,” says Graham.

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