University of Michigan class is teaching the Science of Cannabis

ANN ARBOR, MI – Gus Rosania describes the work being done in his PharmSci 420 course at the University of Michigan as “pretty darn serious.”

Rosania has long been an advocate for “building science around marijuana,” and believes the course, offered for the first time at UM this semester, has the potential to help people better understand cannabis and how it can be used as medicine.

Just a couple of months after voters in Michigan opted to legalize recreational marijuana, Rosania’s class was introduced with the goal of teaching students the underlying biology, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, epidemiology and pharmacokinetics of cannabis.

In other words, there’s no stoner vibe here.

“This is serious science that should have been done 80 years ago,” Rosania said after a lecture on Feb. 15. “We’re essentially 80 years behind where we should be.”

More colleges and universities have begun offering courses focusing on the business, physiology and legal aspects of the cannabis industry in recent years. Northern Michigan University became the first university to offer a four-year degree in Medicinal Plant Chemistry in 2017.

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