Striking Ways How Hemp Can Save the Planet

Hemp has been in use since 10,000 years ago, grown and used all over the world

Hemp was even used by the first-ever president of the USA. However, in 1937, the American government decided to outlaw it as a Schedule 1 controlled substance; due to its links to marijuana, hemp was seen as a threat.

Luckily, the administration finally removed it from the list and there are programs on their way that will regulate the ways farmers can grow it; according to Las Vegas ReLeaf, hemp is being grown across 19 different states by nearly 1,500 farmers right now, and it’s growing quickly. Luckily, because it’s one of the most versatile plants in the world. And it can actually help us save it. How? Well, be prepared to have your mind blown away by these ways how hemp can save us all.

  • Hemp Can Produce a Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic
  • Hemp Can Produce a Renewable Biofuel
  • Hemp Can Save Trees
  • Hemp can Build more Sustainable Houses
  • Hemp Can Provide us with Food

There’s still hope. If we start acting now, we will be able to preserve our planet without doing any more damage. That’s why it’s so important to keep exploring alternatives and educating people about them. Hemp is not weed and it shouldn’t be banned. It can help save us all.

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