NASA gave spiders marijuana, and this is what happened!

Believe it or not, scientists have been conducting studies on spiders and intoxicants dating back to 1948, when a German zoologist and a German pharmacologist teamed up to study the web-building abilities of arachnids.

In 1995, NASA scientists attempted to replicate the German studies. The space agency used Araneus diadematus (your ordinary, run-of-the-mill house spiders) and supplied them with caffeine, amphetamines, marijuana and chloral hydrate.  Depending on the substance, the spiders spun unconventional webs.  “The more toxic the chemical,” wrote the researchers, “the more deformed a web looks in comparison with a normal web.”

Here are some of the findings:

  • On marijuana: According to NASA’s research, spiders given cannabis became easily sidetracked while web building and left their work unfinished.

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