Quick Cannabis Ketchup (RECIPE)

Quick Cannabis Ketchup

Makes 10oz; 4 mg. THC per tbs.

  • 8 oz of your favorite ketchup
  • ½ oz cannabis glycerin tincture
  • 1 ½ oz tomato paste (optional)
  • Spices (optional)

You can gather as much that simply adding a nice pour of glycerin tincture to your ketchup and mixing well is enough to get the party started. It really can be that easy, however if you don’t add a pinch more tomato paste to balance it out, you may end up with slightly over-sweet sauce.

Squirt onto hot dogs, veggie burgers, fries and more all summer long, since it should last a few months if you keep it tightly sealed in the fridge.

Don’t stop there if you are into unique condiments. You’ll have that little hit of weed taste, but you can go even further with other unique additions. Try some siracha for a spicy twist, about an ounce would be perfect to let that really come through. They don’t have to be liquids either, there’s a whole world of ground spices that can go in fun directions. Sazon powder, ground garlic, and turmeric are all yummy choices for that type of addition.

Ketchup doesn’t have to be basic, and it doesn’t have to be virgin either. It’s so widely used that you may want to label it clearly at your party, so no unsuspecting people have any. It’s not polite to dose guests without their knowledge, you never know who has to get home or get a drug test done, regardless of your state’s rules. Party safe and don’t ketchup and drive!

(via www.thefreshtoast.com)