Woman launches her own company for just £1,000, selling sweet hibiscus CBD-infused gin

After travelling around Asia, Sally Wynter became inspired by the myriad of flavours and colours she found in local food and drinks.

This served as inspiration for her own creation: CBD gin.

The 24-year-old has just launched Muhu, the UK’s first cannabis oil-infused gin with notes of sweet hibiscus – and she started the company with just £1,000.

The savvy freelance media professional, who says her favourite drink is gin, had been told that developing the product would cost up to £50,000. The bespoke recipe alone was quoted at £20,000. So,

how did she do it?

Sally started by cutting down on expenses by hiring a designer in Ukraine to do the work at a cheaper cost, as well as educated herself on trademark law through gov.uk. She also sourced a gin distillery that was on board with helping her at a discounted price.

“I started off doing trials at home in my bedroom,” she said. “Then, I found a friendly distillery who were happy to do professional trials for me for free after I pitched them my brand idea. “I negotiated. A bit of charm and being upfront about being cash-strapped gets you a long way.”

At the beginning of the project, she looked at ‘unique flavours’ to infuse in the gin and that would be different to other products already available on the market, before deciding to add CBD to the mix.

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