What Should You Know About CBD For Pets?

CBD have benefits for our furry friends

Marijuana is a very complicated plant, as well as a complicated topic. Nowadays, it’s finally getting the recognition it rightfully deserves. Most people have been in a discussion about it, and they fall on one of two spectrums. The first one is thinking that it’s a harmful drug, and it should be banned. The second one is more liberal, and it accepts the use and the benefits.

As the days go by, the second group has more and more members. The people who see that this plant is actually something beneficial is increasing. And rightfully so, there has been a ton of research, and it’s all positive. People enjoy the benefits, and it’s getting legalized in most states. However, can a part of it help our furry friends?

What does it help with?

  • The most common thing the oil helps with is pain. It makes pets less reactive to types of stimuli, and this is different for dogs and cats. For example, as dogs get older, they still want to play, but they are unable to do so. With a few drops of the oil, they can go out and do the things they loved once again. It also helps with their arthritis, as well as spinal problems. It will get them moving again, and they will be happier.
  • As for cats, it’s mostly used to treat epilepsy as well as anxiety. We all know that cats suffer more from stress, and they can get startled quite easily. Sometimes, some events trigger this kind of behavior. That can be loud kids playing outside, neighbors playing loud music, traffic, getting into cars or fireworks.
  • The way to combat these events is to give your cat a few drops of oil before the situation starts, and they will not react to it. But, make sure that you don’t give them too much because that can make them feel drowsy. That’s not a bad thing on its own, but it will make them sleepy all the time. Give them a few drops and increase the dosage if needed.

Where can you get these products?

Many vendors sell these products online. But, you need to be careful. Pick only products that are organic and don’t contain any sorts of pesticides. Apart from that, make sure that the oil is laboratory tested. This will make sure that no type of bacteria is present in it and that it has been made in sterilized conditions.

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