The Science Behind Cannabis Use and Video Gaming Performance

There are some potential drawbacks to using weed while gaming, namely the decrease in linear motor response and a slowing in the perception of time

For many, cannabis and video games is as inspired a combination as peanut butter and chocolate. While many devotees of both swear marijuana boosts their gaming performance, so far the emerging science is mixed. Weed might actually improve certain performance factors, but may also decrease others.

The common stereotype is that smoking weed turns people into human sloths, content to snack on junk food and stare at cartoons on the TV. Some research suggests that cannabis consumption improves focus and cognitive performance, attributes that are critical in the competitive gaming space.

CBD is commonly associated with a decrease in pain and inflammation, conditions that can be brought about by long periods of gaming, and can seriously impair performance. CBD’s calming effect can also contribute to improved gaming, improving situational awareness and decision-making.

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