The most popular weed strains of 2019, according to retailers

Canadian cannabis consumers have had a year and change to sample hundreds of strains

We checked in on a few retailers across the country — Ganjika House in Brampton, Ont.; Lake City Cannabis in Chestermere, Alta., and Village Bloomery in Vancouver, B.C. — to find out which regulated cannabis strains were so popular in 2019, they just couldn’t keep them on store shelves.

Here’s what they had to say.

Riff’s Subway Scientist pre-roll

Why: “The velocity of this is tremendous, coming in at just below 29 percent THC,” says Ganjika House’s Clint Seukeran about this strain, best consumed by experienced smokers (and it’s not the first time we’ve heard that, either).

What the reviews say: “The only downside is that I get way too stoned to finish this in one session!”

BC Pink Kush by Flowr

Why: “They did a fantastic job, and the quality was fantastic and customer response was very positive,” Seukeran says.

What the reviews say: “The old saying goes something like, ‘if you don’t cough, you won’t get off.” This is true in this instance. This strain made me cough a lot and I put it out after half a joint. Pleasant high after the coughing bit.”

Ruxton by Broken Coast

Why: This Broken Coast-grown Sour OG is a little more expensive than other strains, but it’s a “high-grade, nicely cured, nicely trimmed product,” Seukeran says.

“This one changes it up a bit when you’re talking about quality to THC percentage to enjoyment,” advises Ryan Roch, co-owner of Lake City Cannabis in Chestermere, Alta. “It met the way the market is moving now in terms of quality. Even though it has a higher price level, it is earning people’s trust because it’s really fantastic every time.”

What the reviews say: “I think this is amazing stuff. almost perfectly balanced and the high is cerebral at first and then your body relaxes like you just took a Ativan.”

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