The ‘How High’ Sequel Is Finally Coming

It’s all the rage to revive cult classics at the moment, so it makes sense that MTV and Universal 1440 Entertainment would want to revisit the 2001 stoner comedy How HighDeadline reports that the two companies have teamed up for a non-theatrical sequel to the 2001 Universal film, which starred Method Man and Redman of the Wu-Tang Clan.

As Deadline revealed, the sequel will be written by Family Guy writers Artie Johann and Shawn Ries. The film is set to follow “two young but business-savvy stoners” as they “embark on a pot-filled odyssey through Atlanta to find their missing weed, only to uncover a vast government conspiracy.” How High 2 is slated to start shooting in Atlanta later this summer, although Method Man and Redman’s involvement is unclear at this stage.

Redman has been talking about following up How High for years now, explaining in 2014 that while he doesn’t own the rights to the film or the characters, he has been sketching out ideas for the sequel for years. “I wrote that shit on 2/9/14, the story board, plot summary, I can’t even show y’all that right now,” he explained to MTV News.”The How High 2, hopefully we could do that under Universal, if not, we gonna do our own movie under our own shit and it will be heavily marijuana related.”

Method Man and Redman might not be reuniting for How High 2, but they are supposedly working on a sequel to their 2009 collaborative album, Blackout! 2. In 2015, Red told XXL that he was working on the album with Method Man, hoping to release Blackout! 3 as the soundtrack to a potential How High 2