The Science Behind The ‘Wake And Bake’

It’s not your morning cup of coffee, but for some people it does the trick.

The practice of consuming cannabis upon waking – colloquially known as the “wake and bake” – is a staple for many. According to the 2017 Global Drug Survey of almost 70,000 cannabis consumers, 15% of Canadians enjoy their bud within an hour of waking. It’s even higher in the U.S. at 20%, followed closely by Mexico and Greece.

“It depends how you define ‘wake and bake,'” says Marcus “Bubbleman” Richardson, chief cannabinoid officer at Embark Health, a cannabis extraction service. He’s also the proprietor of the YouTube channel Bubbleman’s World, home to more than 150 live broadcast wake and bakes.

Though the most puritanical cannasseurs might scoff at his timing, Richardson is clear he’s in the safe zone. “I guess a ‘true’ wake and bake is getting right out of bed and smoking one… but I’ll generally get up and smoke within five to 10 minutes.”

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