Miss Universe Canada Rocked a Weed Gown During International Beauty Pageant

Miss Canada didn’t take home the winning tiara, but thanks to her costume entry, she was able to bring a little bit of attention to cannabis activism at the international competition.

When an issue is as important as cannabis reform or ending the international War on Drugs, activism tends to appear in unexpected places. That was the case last week, when beauty pageant contestant Alyssa Boston used her platform at the annual Miss Universe competition to celebrate Canadian cannabis legalization.

According to the Huffington Post, Boston, who was crowned Miss Canada in August, wore a sparkly sequined weed leaf gown during the “National Costumes” portion of the pageant. The Miss Universe costume section was designed to give contestants the opportunity to represent their country through style. In past years, Miss Canada winners have chosen decidedly more conservative costumes, including looks inspired by the royal mounted police and hockey’s Stanley Cup trophy. This year, however, Miss Canada was feeling a little green.

“This sparkly green costume represents the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes,” the announcer explained during Boston’s runway opportunity. “This contestant wants to end the stigma that’s been around since 1920. If you’ve got the need, you can grab legal weed with Canada.”

In an Instagram post explaining the outfit, Boston said that she was attempting to decrease marijuana’s stigma and draw attention to the need for continued medical cannabis research.

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