Marijuana users indulging more than ever amid coronavirus

Relieving stress and anxiety isn’t the only reason why people are smoking more marijuana.

When the imminent reality of life under the coronavirus set in, many consumers rushed to buy more marijuana than they normally would. According to a new survey, they’re smoking more of it, too.

Goldenseed, a California cannabis company, polled more than 1,200 Americans between the ages of 21 and 65 through a third-party surveyor. About 40 per cent of marijuana users admitted to consuming more cannabis during the pandemic, while 35 per cent worried whether they’d run out of goods. The survey offers a glimpse into the ongoing behavioural changes in marijuana use caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Previous data provided by Headset Analytics demonstrated intensive stockpiling trends in legal markets in the middle of March. Some states saw almost double their usual sales, approaching levels typically reserved for 4/20.

You can attribute multiple reasons to the increase in cannabis use, though stress and anxiety relief rank highest for users. A staggering 73.7 per cent credited relieving anxious and stressful symptoms as the reason for their higher usage.

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