Is Coca-Cola Flirting With The Idea Of A CBD Drink?

An online video generated speculation as to whether or not Coca-Cola is secretly planning an entry into the CBD marketplace.

The theory is sound: Coca-Cola, one of the largest drink manufacturers in the world, sees the popularity of CBD-infused beverages and wants in. Last year, Bloomberg poured gas on this fire when it reported that Coca-Cola was in “serious talks” with Aurora Cannabis Inc. to produce cannabis-infused drinks. But that idea dimmed in the interceding time, as no new substantial developments were reported about a potential Aurora-Coke partnership.

Until now, that is. Rumors galore circulated again thanks to a YouTube video from user “Gabor the Blind Guy,” where he showed a childproof lid atop a Coca-Cola can. Gabor then claims his father had been contracted by Coca-Cola to construct a childproof lid for Coke’s upcoming new CBD drinks. The man adds that his father “produces bottling and capping machines for many major pharmaceutical and food companies.”

“In Canada, Coca-Cola is coming out with a new line of Coca-Cola that contains CBD extracts — pretty much cannabis-based drugs,” Gabor the Blind Guy says. “So my dad was tasked with designing a cap that will prevent little kids from opening these cans of CBD Coca-Cola.”

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