How Caffeine and Weed Interact

People adore coffee, and most of us are pretty dependant on it.

Coffee is one of the world’s most traded commodities, the most widely used legal psychoactive substance, and its impact on the modern way of life is simply undeniable.

A fresh cup of Joe is a source of flavor and enjoyment, but the core reason why people indulge in coffee is because of the invigorating effects it produces.

The main active ingredient in coffee (found also in the majority of teas and soft drinks) is caffeine, a powerful compound responsible for the energizing sensations we experience.

While caffeine is a strictly stimulating substance, cannabis is considered as both a stimulant and a depressant.

This basically means that weed is able to produce both energizing and sedative effects. The precise effects of cannabis depend on a number of factors, including type of weed, the quantity taken, overall familiarity with cannabis, social settings and so forth.

Even though the complex interactions between caffeine and weed aren’t completely understood by science, there’s still a lot of stuff we know so far.

What happens when you mix caffeine and weed?

The most important effect (at least discovered so far) of mixing caffeine and cannabis is that this combination negatively impacts short-term memory (forgetting what you were talking about, where you left your keys and so forth).

Cannabis is known to impair short-term memory by itself, but this trait seems to be magnified when caffeine is included.

The impairment occurs in the hippocampus, which is an important region of the brain responsible for numerous memory-related operations.

This pretty much means that if a person tends to be forgetful when they’re high, they will be even more forgetful if they combine caffeine and cannabis.

This correlation also implies that a nighttime use of cannabis will produce a lesser short-term memory impairment compared to daytime use

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