B.C. man has a solution for those who hate cleaning their bongs — The Bongdromat

At $20 per smoking apparatus, clients bring in dirty, resin-caked smoking accessories for Jordan Robinson to take care of

Jordan Robinson of Kamloops, B.C., founded The Bongdromat this past October. The idea came to him while working in a smoke shop.

Clients bring in dirty, resin-caked smoking accessories, like bongs and pipes, and Robinson cleans them so they are returned to their owners shiny, new-looking and in perfect smoking condition.

Robinson uses an isopropyl-alcohol-based cleaner called Orange Chronic, which promises “immediate results” without waiting or scrubbing and touts itself as “earth friendly.” He says that his system will make smoking accoutrements look like new.

“A lot of people just hate cleaning it because it stinks,” Robinson told CBC News. “A lot of people seem to just buy new ones when they get too dirty.”

“Keeping it clean is a very essential thing,” said Robinson. “It’s like cleaning the outside of your windows. No one wants to do that, but you can hire someone to do it.”

Although Robinson points out that it’s cheaper to have him clean a smoking accessory than to buy a new one, it’s incredibly easy to clean your own bong at home. Dirty bongs, pipes, or bowls can be cleaned effectively with a soak in hot water and isopropyl alcohol — and you can buy an entire bottle of Orange Chronic cleaner for about $5.

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