The coronavirus has got everybody pretty freaked out

Understandably so. As the situation unfolds, more and more countries are declaring a state of emergency and advising people to stay in their homes. Businesses, schools, and non-essential services are closing. The world is on edge.  Before we open our front doors, we have to get used to asking ourselves if we really need to leave. It’s not just about you, it’s about everybody else’s safety.

So, it’s time to reframe the way we are looking at the situation because that smoky cloud has always got a silver lining! There is lots of fun to be had for the stoner in self-quarantine. To help you avoid going stir crazy, let’s turn this time off into a staycation! Here is a stoner’s guide to survive in the [apparent] apocalypse.

Make it count

Being stuck in isolation sucks but if you run out of weed it’s going to feel worse. The key here is to get creative and conserve.

  • Do not let your bud burn away for nothing. If you’re sharing a joint, which you should already be wary of, establish a rule that the joint is a microphone, and note that being told that is not offensive.
  • Consider using a pipe more often, even in a group setting. If you want to share, you can grind all your buds together and load separate bowls. Once you have a toke, it’s easy to cap something over the burning cherry to put it out for later; think of it like pouring cold water on finished noodles in order to stop the cooking process. Using pipes makes it easy to make the most of every toke but on top of that, glass is easy to clean and sanitize.
  • Bust up and roll all of your weed on a plate or tray with a high lipped edge; the same goes for handling concentrates. The cannabis products we inhale are light, relatively delicate, and easily airborne. A flick of a finger in the wrong place is all it takes to irreversibly damage your stash. Some things can be picked up off the carpet, but others are too small or sticky to recover. Keeping all of your cannabis and concentrates together in one spot will help prevent you from flailing and/or losing it.

Conserve and make edibles!

Save all of your stems, leaf, reclaim, and roaches. All of these are useful; especially if made into edibles. When it gets down to the wire, you can either be thinking about what you threw out or glad that you made the most of your chronic.

Practice your rolling skills

Don’t get me wrong here, I am not talking about bong rips and shadow kicks. Use this opportunity to master the stoner arts. Practice rolling every different kind of joint until you feel confident – from straight dubes and cones to specialty cross joints. Have fun honing your skills!

In order to fight the coronavirus, everyone is either being asked or told to stay at home and self-isolate. With the right activities and mindset, a pothead in a pandemic can turn surviving into thriving.

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