Saskatchewan votes in favour of Cannabis Act

The Saskatchewan government has voted in favour of its Cannabis Act, which was tabled in March.

The act set the legal age for marijuana use at 19, along with a handful of other regulations around the use of cannabis in Saskatchewan.

Recreational marijuana is expected to be legalized later this year, but Ottawa left some legislation up to the provinces and territories.

The act prohibits marijuana use in public spaces. It also includes a zero tolerance policy on drug-impaired driving.

The province is also limiting the production of marijuana to four plants per household.

Saskatchewan will follow federal rules by restricting the maximum public possession amounts to 30 grams.

Regina’s city council approved a report on where cannabis retailers will go in the city on Monday night. Retailers will need to be at least one block or 600 feet from zones frequented by youth.

In Saskatoon, council recommended a city-wide 60-metre restriction on stores. The recommendation will be up for debate at the next council meeting.

The province will be issuing retail permits to 40 communities. Regina is eligible for six permits and Saskatoon is eligible for seven.