Marijuana’s Ten Biggest Victories Of 2019

This year was a big one for marijuana.

From a first-ever congressional vote on federally legalizing cannabis to another large state ending its own prohibition law, 2019 saw the marijuana movement make advances on several fronts.

Here’s a look back at cannabis’s ten biggest victories of the year:

Marijuana Legalization Advances In Congress

Presidential Candidates Embrace Marijuana Reform

Trump Reiterates Support For Respecting State Marijuana Laws

Cannabis Banking Bill Passed By House

Illinois Becomes 11th State To Legalize Marijuana

Governors Get Serious About Marijuana Legalization

Several States Decriminalize Cannabis Possession

Two-Thirds Of Americans Say Legalize It, According To Polls

Federal Government Takes Steps To Implement Legal Hemp Market

Cities Move To Decriminalize Psychedelics

Looking Ahead To 2020

All these cannabis and drug policy victories in 2019 bode well for reform efforts next year. Marijuana is likely to be a significant focal point in the presidential campaign and in legislative sessions in several states. And with cannabis initiatives likely to go before voters on ballots across the country in November, 2020 could be the biggest year for marijuana yet.

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