Lethbridge, rest of Alberta eagerly await arrival of full slate of Cannabis 2.0 products

Albertans have been waiting patiently for new pot products to hit the shelves

The wait for second-wave cannabis products will soon be over for locals in Lethbridge, Alta. who are interested in sampling new infused offerings like edibles, beverages and concentrates.

Albertans have been waiting patiently for new pot products to hit the shelves after delays left the province celebrating a less-than-green Christmas, despite allowing dispensaries and liquor retailers to stay open for the first time during the statutory holiday. Now pot shop employees are gearing up to sell the products, their enthusiasm accompanied by a healthy dose of education.

“Our training is actually made up of a few different things. Number one, we have an online training portal. Then we have the licensed producers that come through the stores and various cities that do events and provide education on brand awareness,” Inner Spirit Holdings Darren Bondar told Global News.

The company owns Spiritleaf, a chain of cannabis shops with locations across the country, one of which is located in Lethbridge.

But cannabis-lovers in Lethbridge and the rest of the province shouldn’t expect every second-wave product to be available for purchase immediately, if at all.

The province has opted to delay the sale of liquid cannabis vapes indefinitely in the wake of a string of vape-induced pulmonary illnesses, most of which were reported in the U.S. The culprit has since been identified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as likely to be additive ingredient vitamin E acetate.

This product is banned in Canadian vape products, but Alberta will hold off on selling products like vape cartridges for the time being.

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