Expect More Teens To Smoke Marijuana In 2020

Simply put, kids like weed, and they are finding ways to get their hands on it

It’s officially 2020, so it’s time you finally realize that much of the puff, puff, pitch spewing from the mouths of die-hard cannabis advocacy groups is just talk. They may tell you that the legalization of marijuana is a sure-fire way to keep your kids from getting stoned on the regular, or that establishing a taxed and regulated market makes weed unappealing to whippersnappers. In reality, little Timmy and Janie are more interested in pot than ever before.

That’s right, the secret is out. Parental figures from all walks of life should consider themselves warned. The cold hard fact of the matter is that teens are destined to get more red-eyed and ripped in the new year because, well, it’s a trend that has been swelling ever since Colorado and Washington became the first states to go green. Simply put, kids like weed, and they are finding ways to get their hands on it, just like you did with booze back in the day.

Researchers from Columbia University said in 2018 that kids have bought into the “marijuana is safer” hype and are now dabbling in the doobie more than anything else. The study showed that while the youth from the 1990s was most curious about cigarettes, that all changed over the past decade. They have since kicked the Marlboro man down the dusty trail, and now, cannabis has become the nitty-gritty of teenage rebellion.

It’s just a shift in the scene. Still, it’s one they say could stunt the growth of their maturing brains. But considering that these fiends are already intellectually stifled by cell phones, social media, video games and other digital lesions of the soul, I’m going out on a limb and saying that not much more damage can be done. We’ve always known that times were a-changing, but nobody ever promised it would be for the better.

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