Who is Rick Simpson & What is RSO Oil?

Rick Simpson is a Canadian activist and a pioneer in the medical cannabis industry.

He is the creator of the Phoenix Tears company and brand, where the life-saving Rick Simpson Oil is developed. Additionally, having authored two books, “The Rick Simpson Story” and “Natures Cure For Cancer,” he has also put together a plethora of industry-leading guides on visually inspecting the quality of cannabis extracts.

Being one of the leading names in the cannabis industry – he actually found his fame and true life’s calling entirely by chance.

At the tail end of 1997, he was working as an engineer in a Canadian hospital. This is where after having a seemingly minor working accident, he began to experience a range of very serious medical symptoms. From dizziness to frequent fainting spells and ringing in his ears – and the worst part? None of the doctors could figure out how to make him better.

He knew that mainstream medicine didn’t have the answers to his problems. So, after remembering a radio talk-show he listened to in the 1970s that talked about the amazing medicinal benefits of THC concentrates, he decided to give it a chance. And just a few short months after starting his own course of THC treatment, his tinnitus had subsided. Rick saw a staggering improvement in his overall health.

But unfortunately, within only 6 years, in 2003, Rick was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. And despite his doctors’ suggestions that he undergo chemotherapy and a range of other invasive treatments – Rick refused even to consider it. At the time, he found a study online from the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, which suggested that THC could in-fact kill cancer cells in mice. Learning of this, Rick decided that he was once again going to look at THC as his primary treatment option.

Over the next few days, he treated his skin cancer by topically applying a concentrated THC extract suspended in cannabis oil to his bandages. And only another few short days later, when he took off his bandages – to his surprise, the cancerous growths had now disappeared. His sickness left absolutely no trace behind, leaving his doctors stunned and baffled.

It was this exact stance against cannabis and against exploring the possibility that it could save lives, which led Rick to create the concoction we know today as Rick Simpson Oil (or RSO).

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