Nipawin gets cannabis store application

The Town of Nipawin has received an application for a cannabis retail store to be located at Lot 6, Block 1, Plan A04056, with the other half of the building leased to Tomi Law (located adjacent to the liquor store).

The province chose retailers earlier in the year, with Nipawin’s one allotted business going to GreenTec Holdings, which calls itself a small craft player in the cannabis business.

GreenTec along with Battlefords Agency Tribal Chiefs applied for permits for every one of the 32 communities in Saskatchewan to be allotted cannabis retail businesses but were only successful here in Nipawin.

“Renovations to the building are proposed to meet the requirements for a cannabis retail store,” reads the briefing note council will consider this evening, at its September 10 regular meeting.

Council must first approve the discretionary use, which will be followed by newspaper advertising and letters to businesses in the vicinity.

Once that is completed, administration will do a full technical review of the application to make sure it complies with council rules.

The application does meet the 50 m buffer zone requirement and renovations will be done to ensure that federal, provincial and municipal guidelines are met.

All products will be pre-packaged and sealed for odour control and a commercial grade locker will be installed.

Once completed, the store will be about 2,500 square feet.