Aluminum cans affecting potency of cannabis-infused drinks

Companies looking to cash in on cannabis-infused drinks are facing another challenge.

Scientists working for Vertosa, an infusion technology company from California, are claiming aluminum cans can affect the THC content in the drinks pot companies are hoping to launch during this second wave of legalization in Canada.

It appears the liners inside of aluminum cans, which are placed to prevent corrosion and preserve a drink’s flavor, are impacting the potency of the cannabis-infused beverages.

According to the claims, the liners attract the active THC in the drinks when the cans are under pressure.

“Our theory is the cannabis material, the droplets, will stick to the liner and cling on it. When you open the can to take a drink, it will lose its potency,” Vertosa founder and chief science officer Harold Han told Yahoo Finance Canada.

Han’s team is working on finding a solution to this issue in the still-small American market for cannabis drinks.

Last month, the same issue prompted Canadian cannabis giant Canopy Growth to postpone the launch of its line of marijuana-infused drinks, among other reported problems.

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