Why You Should Consider Adding Cannabis To Your Beauty And Wellness Routine

Those that have used cannabis recreationally will be happy to know that it has several other advantages for the body and can relieve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Beauty companies are now considering experimenting with the drug to explore and maximize its benefits.

Cannabis Is Good For The Body

Studies have shown that cannabinoids, including CBD and THC, may have anti-inflammatory properties that can benefit several skin conditions and relieve pain. Two businesswomen revealed that adding cannabis to their products has been much more of a benefit than a disadvantage.

Bridgett Davis, the founder of Big Momma’s Legacy, uses recipes that feature whole cannabis plants such as black pepper and turmeric that cause a warming sensation once applied. Majority of Davis’ clients are older women who are unable to visit a dispensary but were introduced to the advantages of cannabis through her lotions.

When asked why she appreciates cannabis so much, Davis explained that it is something that one can have forever if allowed to work in your favor.

“That’s the beauty of this plant. She will grow and walk with you for the rest of your life, if you accept her,” Davis stated.

Another businesswoman by the name of Janet Schriever also mentioned that she has been able to incorporate cannabis into her face oils and serums. Schriever, who is the owner of Crave, believes that the plant as well as the CBD that was added has specifically helped prevent her Rosacea from spreading.

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Goodbye Depression And Anxiety

Among cannabis’ many beauty benefits, it can also help individuals cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Researchers from Washington State University tracked the severity of individuals that dealt with stress and anxiety on a medical app called Strainprint. Strainprint allows individuals to track the severity of their symptoms after using medical cannabis.

The sessions were divided depending on what symptoms the users were trying to reduce, and then researchers looked for symptom level changes, close effects, and the changes in the symptoms over time.

Prior to tracking their data the users entered detailed information about the strain of marijuana used, including selecting the specific products that were used from a list of those sold by licensed cannabis providers.

Women who dealt with anxiety saw a greater decrease after two or more puffs of the marijuana than men. As for stress there were no gender differences, but researchers did notice a relationship between the number of puffs and symptom relief.

(via techtimes.com)