Manitoba-based cannabis producer faces another round of Health Canada recalls

A Winnipeg-based cannabis producer is facing another round of recalls for marijuana sold in Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Health Canada says 14 lots of dried cannabis produced by Bonify are part of the latest recall, due to either record-keeping or labelling issues.

With eight of the lots, Health Canada says there is a labelling error where the cannabinoid values and cannabinoid totals are reverse.

Health Canada says approximately 5,883 units of recalled product were sold between Oct. 22 and Dec. 20, 2018.

Earlier this month, the agency issued a recall of two strains of Bonify cannabis products that were being sold in three stores in Saskatchewan.

Shortly after, Manitoba regulators seized all Bonify cannabis that was shipped to licensed retail stores, citing quality control issues.

“To date, no complaints have been received related to the recalled lots. Neither Health Canada nor Bonify has received any adverse reports for the recalled cannabis product,” the agency’s statement about the latest recall says.

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