Can You Cure Your Cramps With CBD?

A key advantage of using CBD for treating menstrual cramps is that one can travel with CBD

The use of CBD to treat menstrual cramps can be traced to the late 19th century when Queen Victoria used CBD oil to manage her monthly pain. Given women have cannabinoid receptors throughout their bodies, including the ovaries and uterus, then it stands to reason that CBD’s proven ability to manage pain could help with cramps that often accompany a woman’s menstrual cycle.

Brandin LaShea, Host of Pot Pie on Social Club TV, suggests using topicals to treat CBD pain.

“One of my personal favorite ways of treating cramps with CBD is using a topical cream or oil and rubbing it on your lower abdomen and ovaries,” she said. “This along with a heat pack or warm towel, really helps to relax your lower abdomen and ovaries.” She adds that, “With topicals, suppositories, and CBD bath products, you are treating the issue directly at the source and allowing the CBD to really target the problem area.”

Even though there’s a multitude of CBD products, LaShea suggests trying them all and finding the one that works best for you and your body type. In her estimation, “Some women suffer from stronger cramps than others and may need to use products like a suppository or bath bomb/bath salts to help alleviate pain.” Since these products absorb directly into your lower abdomen, they can really help with extreme cramps.

A key advantage of using CBD for treating menstrual cramps is that one can travel with CBD, as well as purchase these products online and in retail outlets located in most states.

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