How Quickly Does Cannabis Enter Your System, and How Long Does It Stay There?

For all the newcomers to cannabis culture out there, here’s everything you wanted to know about how quickly weed takes effect, how long the high will last and how long cannabis can be detected on a drug test.

How quickly does cannabis enter your system?

The answer to that question largely depends upon how you choose to consume cannabis. Dr. Robert Mann – a senior scientist at the University of Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – says smoking or vaping cannabis is a “very efficient way to get the drug into your bloodstream.” He says that according to his research most people will reach the peak of their high about five minutes after they’ve smoked a joint.

Things are quite a bit different for marijuana-infused edibles however. If you prefer to eat cannabis-infused snacks as opposed to smoking or vaping you should plan for the effects to start setting in up to two hours after you ate it.

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